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Immanuel Kant: Philosopher-Scientist

  • 04 Sep 2024
  • 06 Sep 2024
  • Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin

Program (as of January 2024 – All titles are working titles)


   – Wolfgang Lefèvre

I Astronomy / Cosmology / Psychology

– Fabian Burt (BBAW Potsdam): Kant, the Age of the World and the Regulative Use of Reason

– Stephen Howard (KU Leuven): Astronomy, Empirical Cosmology, and the Critical Kant

– Helmut Pulte (Ruhr Universität Bochum): Kant's Precritical Cosmology and its Critical Consequences

II Biology (Life Sciences) / Anthropology

– Boris Demarest (Universität Heidelberg): Contingency, Necessity, and the Problem of Biological Organization in Kant

– Jennifer Mensch (Western Sydney University): Kant and the Unity of Mankind: On Travel Reports as a Neglected Source for German Philosophical Anthropology

– Peter McLaughlin (Universität Heidelberg): [Kant on Explanations in Biology]

– Paola Rumore (Università Torino): Kant on a Materialistic Account of the Soul

III Mechanics / Physics / Chemistry

– Michael Bennett McNulty (University of Minnesota): Kant’s Chemical Elements and their Context

– Falk Wunderlich (Universität Halle): Kant on Inertia

IV Kant – Philosopher of Science

– Thomas Sturm (Universitat de Barcelona): Kant’s Empirical Account of Science

– Eric Watkins (UC San Diego): Kant and the Limits of Scientific Explanation 

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