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proposals for VNAKS sessions (due on August 1)

26 Jun 2021 9:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

VNAKS is well underway and so far there have been large crowds and lively discussions. We are planning to continue it at least through Summer 2022, or as long as there is interest. We invite you to propose sessions for the Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022 series. Available dates are listed in the announcement of the VNAKS schedule above (the available dates are marked as TBD). 

Each proposed session must have a unifying theme. It can use any of the following formats.

  • Format 1: Two speakers on a unifying theme (from different perspectives); no commentators. Each speaker gets a little under one hour (up to 30 minutes of presentation time, followed by Q&A). 
  • Format 2: Two speaker-commentator pairs with a unifying theme. Each pair gets a little under one hour (25min/speaker, 10/commentator, 5/response, followed by Q&A).
  • Format 3: A panel of three speakers with a unifying theme (20-20-20, followed by Q&A for all the panelists).
  • Format 4: Incubator-style panel of four speakers with a unifying theme(10-15 min talks followed by 15-20 min Q&A). 

Proposals should specify each participant’s institutional affiliation and status (PhD candidate, post-doctoral researcher, lecturer, and so on). Please include all participants’ tentative titles, making it salient that the session has a unifying theme. We suggest that you model your proposal on similar sessions already listed on the VNAKS webpage.  


  • All participants included in the proposal must be NAKS members. If you are not sure whether someone is a NAKS member, you can check our member directory. You can always encourage a non-member to join NAKS

  • No one can take part in VNAKS as a speaker/commentator/panelist more than once. See the VNAKS webpage to see who is already part of the ongoing series. 

  • Each participant must have a track record of working on the proposed theme. 

  • The person who submits the proposal can recommend themselves as a speaker/commentator/panelist (the application form will not reveal the identity of the person who has submitted the proposal).  

How to apply: please fill out this application form.  The proposals are due on August 1. They will be blindly considered by a panel composed of members of the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees. 

Notification: end of August.

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